What the audience said: Only Wolves and Lions in 2013

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Throughout 2013 Only Wolves and Lions popped up in London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham. Here's what the people had to say...

Many thanks for a wonderful evening! It was great to share such a raw and honest moment with so many strangers. I loved your generosity and openness. It was refreshing to hear how research intermingled with your performative exploration of what brings community together. 

Wonderful, thought provoking, funny, tasty, new people. Really loved it and completely unexpected.

A truly spectacular evening on so many levels. Before the event I know this night would involve some of my favourite things, but it was so SO much more than I expected. I feel transformed.

The absolute joy of preparing, cooking, discussing, pondering, massaging, monkey stuff and eating makes me feel alive, connected, grateful and very present. I had a transcendent moment inside your green light. Every sense is delighted creating a greater whole than the sum of the parts. I fell fully human, fully divine and fully DELICIOUS! Thank you for a wonderful night!

Absolutely great and necessary evening and event. Creates the circumstances to remember community and sociability. The arts for future survival.

A beautiful evening – thank you so much. Exactly what I needed before I knew I needed it.

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