Fermenting the Change

Fermenting the Change – a creative journey into microorganic intelligence is a series of art-based and multidisciplinary workshops where I, together with artist Eva Bakkeslett (NO) explore how bacterial cultures can increase our empathic understanding of nature’s interconnected existence. We create platforms where aesthetics, sound, and movement expand the senses that allow for a deeper connection and understanding of the bacteria’s ways of working, communicating and solving challenges. Through a ritualized and aesthetic process, this 2-3-day workshop provides insight into the need for a diversity of cultures where the untamed, wild and unusual creates the essence of robust societies at both micro and macro levels. Fermenting the Change, was the first of a series of workshops that combine the research and practical processes involved in my current practice: The Bakery Of Slow Ideas with Eva Bakkeslett's extensive art practice associated with the many facets and implications of fermentation on human and interspecies-species communication and evolution. The Workshop took place at the Museum of Impossible Forms in Helsinki, on invitation by Professor Salla Sariola, post doc director of research project: “Cultures of cultures – A Multi Species Understanding of Health.”

A Massive Thank you to the Anarchist noise artist Mark Drifter who managed the sound recordings during the 3 day workshop. Film by Eva Bakkeslett


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