Holding Space #2. BEING TOGETHER

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A series of online workshops/encounters
A communal gathering
A deepening of creative practice

Every Wednesday night 8-10pm GMT

Led by Leo Kay

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I've got that calling again...to hold space for people. So this is a callout to all  self defining creatives and performance/participation/cross-disciplinary artist: young, old, early, mid and late-career!!! The last series of online encounters were great. The light background focus of this series will be BEING TOGETHER. The resisting of fragmentation. So, this series of sessions will be little more relaxed. I will offer a workshop or two throughout the series but also I may just hold a check in, warm up, free write, breakout enquiry and check out. I just want to hold a space to allow necessary space for  community, to share our expression, our thoughts and creativity. To embrace emergence, to be together creatively. 

Sessions will be free, with exchange, donations or 'presents in the post' most welcome! Basically offer what you like, pay what you can/like, but also just come with your good self - our shared presence is the priority.

Come join me!

 Allyship, community, solidarity, creativity, and transformation are important to me and will no doubt be present in the space amongst any other ideas that emerge from the collective.

I invite you to bring an idea you are working on, a full blown project or a seedling for future creative hope. At some point in the series we will use this as the material to chew over, explore and develop...

So, a little about me if you don’t know: my practice has moved through physical theatre, dance theatre, the direction of spoken word poets/MC and performance artists to live art, and the making of my own intimate autobiographical performance and finally arriving at participatory, social art practice that sits somewhere between a workshop, a dialogue and an installation. Collective action, ritual and authentic participation have become key to what I offer.

If your practice resonates with any of this or you are just intrigued… great, come join us! or if not, still come join us and offer newness to enrich the context. Let's build together. Let's recognize and generate a web of interconnectivity. Let's open space for growth, creativity, and transformation. Let's have some fun.

Workshop info:

Every Weds Evening from 5th of October on  8 -10pm GMT
Workshops will take place in English
Spaces will be limited to allow for meaningful engagement

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