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Written by Maddy Costa in conversation with and edited by Leo Kay and Anna Smith.

Extract from a blog by Leo, published 22/12/13:
In my mind, temporary community is any experience that brings together a group of disparate people to share in the creating or sustaining of a positive experience. I would pose that Only Wolves and Lions is an example of such a community. We employ techniques to break down barriers between people in the hope that they can have a frank and open conversation about what we as humans might need, to improve our sense of well-being and responsibility for that outside of ourselves....

The system within which we live is telling us that we still need to be fearful of others and protect our assets and ourselves. I feel that many people are sensing that this is not so and that what we might need now to provoke the evolution of our species is an opportunity to share, to break hierarchical structure and show our vulnerability to one another. ...

The industrial revolution enabled us to escape impoverished, claustrophobic and dysfunctional village life and run to the opportunity, isolation and anonymity of the city. This is not to say that people don’t enjoy both the peace of the village and the wonder of the city alike, but there is a general dissatisfaction with how our sense of community has been transferred from the small to large context. It's hard to have continuity in a large city where you have 8 million neighbours, where you are unlikely to even see the same people on the tube every day. So my question is - could experiments in sustainable, temporary community experience provide a potential solution? And what might these processes look like?


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