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Written by Maddy Costa in conversation with and edited by Leo Kay and Anna Smith.

Ego: I. Nothing more, nothing less.

What does it mean to be a “solo artist”?
What does it mean to work as a “solo artist” in collaboration with another “solo artist”?
What does it mean to support yourself as a “solo artist”?
What does it mean to give support as a “solo artist” to another “solo artist”?

What credit/acknowledgement do you require?
What expectations do you have of self-sufficiency?
What happens when you think the other is being self-indulgent?
What happens when you realise that your own ego's fight for attention is part of the problem?

How can we move beyond these questions to healthier collaborations when the experiences that provoke them are so fragile that they can't be talked about in public without risk of causing hurt or damage?

Leo: I think as I mature and reflect on recent collaborations, in Change My Mind and The Spinning Wheel, I can see how I could have better supported individuals. It is about going consciously into collaborations with an understanding of what weight and responsibility each role demands. If you don’t want that responsibility then don’t take on the role.


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