This is Good #5

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This is Good: a place to share things we think are GOOD this week.

Centralia & The Uncanny Valley, by Superbolt Theatre, April 8th-13th

London-based trio Superbolt Theatre will be at the Camden People's Theatre during a run that will see them perform their hilarious physical theatre piece 'Centralia' as well as the sci-fi love story 'The Uncanny Valley'. We've seen them aplenty before, and can assure you that they are indeed good.

Deli 55, Bradford

On our recent excursion up to Bradford, we ended up at this little 24-hour takeaway called Deli 55 by the university. Dealing mostly in south Indian food with a home-cooked feel, and with portions to match your 4am hunger, Deli 55's stock quickly rose in our estimation.

Beyond Human, by Swoon

Resident word-nerd and cherised UB teamster Kunal has been working away on an EP for the past year. You can have a little listen here if you like. We think it's bloody good.

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