Separating the Wheat from the Chaff # 3

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Allyship, empathy, divination, and other forms of collaboration

Blog # 3: A selfish act of care

Recently I was deep in loud music, snack table, party chat, and someone spoke about the code that drives all life. This being the fundamental push for the continuation of existence. He spoke about how if you are drowning and a dolphin sees you, they are more likely to lift you to the surface. The idea is that they are acting selfishly, wired to recognize you as kin and therefore as offering a possibility of a continuation of their species survival.

But we currently live within a system that actively promotes the opposite: a conscious thrust towards the separating of humans from each other, from fauna and flora; A system that values over all else distinction, personal gain, individualism. A system that is populated with those experiencing the subsequent collateral damage manifesting as fragmentation, narcissistic tendencies, and a sense of deep isolation.

How can we decondition ourselves from this relentless pursuit of and aspiration to individual recognition, clambering desperately up an imposed hierarchy of worth? We are often told that we need to dream alternative futures but how can we do this in a way that doesn’t feel like an exhausting act of invention and a negation of the very real current materiality that we see playing out all around us?

Maybe when amongst trees or immersed in the microbial MUSH we are closer to the tools we need. It is obvious science has made incredible advancements for our survival, health, and wellbeing. But maybe now survival and dreaming our future relies as heavily on connecting with concepts and technologies from our prescientific past and listening to teachings of contemporary indigenous cultures that still carry this information?

Descendants of our microbial ancestors, microorganisms on, in, and around everything, are right now connecting you to a miyiad of other forms of life on this planet & the witch saw the webbing.

Slowness plays a part in healing and integration. Slowness is the key to my current practice.

Could it be that my push towards slowing down is also in recognition of the need to feel interconnectivity? To feel what Ingrid saw as a child?

Could it be true that the more we are able to slow to the point where we can recognize the interconnectivity of all forms of life, the more desire we could nurture to protect all forms of life? This in turn would increase the possibility of our survival in the face of imminent extinction.

So maybe slowing to the point of recognition of our interconnectivity with all people, animals, plants, the planet is in fact a selfish act of self care.

I can talk the talk but again I am reminded of how easy it is for me to feel disconnected and isolated in this world we are continually recreating.

This post is in support of all acts of slowing to re-member & reconnect, slowing as tools for pleasure, creation, and survival.

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