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We and You!

A six-week block of sessions gifted from We-To-You

Wednesday 12th April - Wednesday 17th May, 8-10pm (GMT), Zoom 

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Solo Practice in Creative Collectivity is an experimental online space. A space for individual explorations and collective emergent expression. A space for physicality, meditative practice, for break out dialogues, writing, non-verbal communication, off-camera exploration, and cross-pollination. Over the last 6 months, I have been holding these creative sessions online. They have evolved, becoming more and more collectively held and now they will be offered by some of the core participating artists and creatives - see the full programme below...

Join us for one or more of these FREE weekly online sessions each Wednesday, starting 12th April at 8pm. 

Sign up HERE to show interest, receive the Zoom link for each week's lab and to be added to the WhatsApp group.

6-week block Programme details:

Wednesdasy 12th April
Flow State - facilitated by Y? (NYC) & Leo Kay
Creativity is something that naturally occurs when we show up with awareness. It can be found exploring the subtleties of our senses. Join us as we prepare ourselves for 'presence' and the possibility of 'Flow State' through breathing practice, dialogue, movement, and attention to what needs tending to.

Wednesday 19th April
Listening inside out - facilitated by Leo Kay
A process that invites us to step outside, sense and absorb our surroundings, our porosity, and interspecies cohabitation, and return to integrate and reflect together.

Wednesday 26th April
Swamp - facilitated by Oliver Wallace
How do we think with the marsh, the bog, or fen? These complex, shifting ecologies are zones where myth and folklore place trickery, unknowable danger, and lostness. But perhaps we can slip into the rich, decomposing soup with its dank rewriting of expected behaviors, and feel the loosening of individual integrity, reaching for marsh thought, bog-mindedness. An evening of narrative meditations and playful experiments.

Wednesday 3rd May
A Sense of Place - facilitated by Tori flowers
A session to allow creative practitioners to explore their relationship with their local area and to question how their creativity might be used as a force for good within it.

Wednesday 10th May
Inner awareness play: Interoception (physical feelings) - Intraception (emotions and imagination) - facilitators: Christine Cynn & Valentin Manz
Taiji warmups with an intro to some core ideas on centering, qi, and minimal tension for the integrity of posture; the session will include group dialogue on how awareness of our bodies and emotions can help in our creative practices;

Wednesday 17th May
Convivial Listening - facilitated by Caitlin Shepherd.
In this session, we will use deep listening practices, active listening practices, automatic group writing, and bodywork as processes to invite a more in-depth attunement and involvement with the rituals and processes of listening together, to each other.


All sessions aim to: 

- Hold a mix of solo and collective creative space.
- Promote cross-pollination and multiple forms of creative expression.
- Promote a sense of gentle creative community.
- Continue with the suggested ethics of inclusivity, equitability, and mutual respect.
- Encourage creative and personal growth through experimentation, investigation, and mutual creative support.
- Promote an appreciation and desire for difference to be present in the space and a commitment to navigate these differences with openness, capacity for compassion, and desire to engage in dialogue, exchange, build community and learn from each other.

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