In flight from home



Where do you come from?
How did you get here?
Where do you call home? 

Striking aerial spectacle and up close interactive performance combine in a one off site specific performance across Hampstead Town Hall.  Exploring home, migration and rituals of belonging this unique performance invites you to journey through a collage of voices, experiences and images inspiring wonder and reflection.

Throughout 2016 Leo worked with aerial students from WAC Art's In Flight Course.  In Flight is a part time, professional training programme for aerial circus arts lead by specialist aerial comapnies Upswing and Scarabeus. It's a highly innovative programme which offers early career arts free access to aerial circus arts; an art form that is usually inaccessible to many without funding.

After months in the making, In Flight From Home was presented on 23rd July 2016, with a wonderful team of performers and and production specialists. 

Creative Team

Leo Kay
Overall Aerial specialist
Angeliki Nikolakaki
Process aerial specialists
Vicki Amedume and Daniela Essart
Aerial choreographer for first scene
Daneila Essart
Aerial production manager
Soren Neilsen
Creative assistant
Rhimes Leconte
Remote Dramaturg
Emma Frankland
Lighting Designer
Nao Nagai
Sound artist and composer
Francine Perry
Choral composer for final scene
Rachel Bennet
Chin Keeler
Marcus Hessenberg

Aerial performers
Rachel Brennan, Kerri Deaguiar, Sarah Harris, Julie Havelund-Willett, Noelia Sarda, Elizabeth Williams , Eve Zohar.
Live singers
Rachel Bennett, Jecoliah Parker and Jordan Pharaoh.
Recorded singers
Rachel Bennett, Emma-Jane Dolphin, Deborah Olaniyan, Jordan Pharoah, Lou Terry, Nicole Wood.
Frances Ann Bratke, Nadine Froehlich, Aliou Janha, Shelby Lattany, Shekira Levy-Brown, Steve Medlin, Louisa Robbin, Martha Stylianou, Nisha Gonzales.

Production team
Process Producer and production manager
Anna Smith
Stage manager
Christina Schelhas
Lighting technician
Sarah Readman
Production Assistant
Louisa Robbin
Design Assistants
Aliou Janha, Nadine Froehlich

InFlight Producers:
WAC Arts

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Steve Medlin and Grace Nicol from WAC & Scarabeus and Upswing for their massive dedication and making it all happen and to all the incredible staff at WAC, especially the building services team (Shafiqul, Jagreet, Liam and Piotr) for being so patient with us.

Thank you to Emma Frankland for Dramaturgical input, Paul Saddot for research input, Christina Schelhas for attentive stage management, Rhimes Leconte for patients and creativity, Francine Perry for super fast brilliance in composition, Beatrice Perini for jumping in and helping with the first scene in the 11th hour, Daniela and Soren for 200% on this first scene, Louisa Robbin, Aliou Janha and Nadine Froehlich for going way above and beyond production assistance and all of the hosts who gave their time in the days leading up to today.

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