Life: Making A Meal Of It



In 2012 UB embarked on their second intergenerational performance collaboration with local residents in Reading.

UB recruited a group of 10 under-18 and over-60 year olds. Together they created an interactive performance/meal for an audience of 30.

Over the course of a month, the group met twice weekly to explore their relationship to food and family. Here they learned performance techniques, taught one another to cook their favorite recipes and developed their storytelling abilities to contribute to the performance.

As the audience gathered, the performers served up a banquet of intimate stories and home cooked food, with accompaniment from The Caribbean Serenaders (a local older-generation singing group) who performed beautiful renditions of classic Caribbean folk songs.

The project was supported by South Street Arts Centre and Arts Council England.

Creative Team

Leo Kay
Anna Smith
Graphic Design
Nick Hayes

Participant Performers
Micky Robinson, Olive Fortrum, Brian Haines, Zi Jones, Pat Cutting, Elijah, Seville-Williams, Darius Seville-Williams , Chanel Edwards, Stephanie Harris

Stage Manager
Lauren Holland

Caribbean Serenaders
Cherry Fletcher, Annette Levy, Melbourne Roomes, Morris Powell, Elroy Sinclair, Lyle Broom, Richard Lowe

"An incredible opportunity to express and share one's life experiences through creative art forms. I felt elated, what a wonderful and amazing experience!"

[ Project Participant - Zi Jones ]
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