Memoria Cala-te Ja!


Spring 2013

In 2013 Leo travelled to Brazil to develop a live-art performance installation with Pilar Fortes and her Theatre Company Os Shakspirados.  

The show was initially performed at Hothouse Performance Platform in Sheffield and later developed in collaboration with renowned Brazilian Fine Artist, Fátima Campos and presented within a retrospective exhibition of her work in Teresina, Brazil.

Exploring her self-imposed exile and the wider politics of exile during the dictatorship, Memoria looked at Pilar's experience of a new land and the wanton destruction of the natural habitat in the northeast region of Brazil. The dramaturgy was inspired by the work of two artists; the American poet Elizabeth Bishop and the Brazilian poet and linguist Goncalves Dias, whose poem Cancao do Exilio (The Song of Exile) was central to the final performance.

Creative Team

Pilar Fortes
Leo Kay
Fátima Campos
Rubens Costa

"Bringing art and poetry Fátima Campos and actors Leo Kay of the British company Unfinished Business and Pilar Fortes of the theater group The Shakespirados, thrilled the audience."

[ Roberta Rocha ]
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