Only Wolves & Lions


Available: 2016/17

A meal
A conversation
A performance provocation

Only wolves and lions eat alone, you should not eat, not even a snack, on your own.

Created as a response to the experience of  isolation and social fragmentation in a world of infinite virtual connections, Only Wolves and Lions is a rebellion against ready-meals and lunch deals and an active experiment in community, action and the pursuit of happiness.

Subverting the conventions of the theatre and the everyday, Unfinished Business host a communal meal with radical trimmings; an evening of simple pleasures that remind us of the things we forgot to make time for.

From a ruined hotel on the Greek coast, a gastronomic society in the Basque Country, to an old chapel by the side of the road in Manchester, Only Wolves and Lions has found a home in some inspiring places.

Driven by a desire to counter the increasing fragmentation of our culture, Unfinished Business created Only Wolves and Lions through a continuing process of composition, performance, improvisation and analysis. It is the most participatory performance the company has created thus far, offering a truly unique experience for each new audience.

Creative Team

Created and directed by
Leo Kay
Devised and Performed by
Leo Kay & Unai Lopez de Armentia or Patrizia Paolini
DJ / Sound Design by
Sam Campbell
Produced by
Anna Smith

"A strangely radical act, Only Wolves and Lions is a beautiful, generous, heart-swelling experience. The warmth generated by these collective activities is quietly extraordinary."

[ Katherine Love, Exeunt Magazine ]
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