Rest & Rise Again



A documentary film about The Bakery of Slow Ideas 


The Bakery of Slow Ideas is a social art practice created by Leo Kay, which places dialogue, ritual and collective action at it’s centre.

Slow down, resist hyper-productivity and regain your right to rest and digest.

Between the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 The Bakery of Slow Ideas went to Derby, UK. Filmmaker Sam Campbell accompanied the process.

Local communities from across the city came together to talk, to create and to bake, reconnecting after periods of intense isolation. Focusing on the act of baking, the film reflects a unique moment in time, capturing a community’s resistance, resilience and hopes for the future.

The film was commissioned by Derby CAN (Creative Arts Network) and funded by Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn and University of Derby, with further support from Derby Theatre and Cambridge Junction.

Rest & Rise Again is an open source film, which means it’s free and available for anyone to watch online. We welcome public screenings, please get in touch to discuss how to make it happen. We also welcome opportunities to deliver associated workshops, dialogues and Q&As in conjunction with the screening.

Creative Team

Created by Sam Campbell
Co-direction by Leo Kay and Anna Smith
Music by Sam Campbell and Mr Auden Allen

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