What the audience said: It's Like he's knocking

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2011 saw Unfinished Business tour to bedsits across the UK, performing Leo's haunting one-man show It's Like He's Knocking. The intimacy of the setting opened up a portal for connection with the small audiences who'd gather to see the show. Here's what they thought...

As usual - true theatre - intimate, compelling, thought provoking, humorous, disturbing and above all, everything it is to be human - in one hour.

Felt your ancestors in the room, a truly sacred moment. Felt privileged to share it with you. I will always remember it!

It touched me deeply. I’m still a bit speechless but I think what you did is just great. In honour of our roots.

A truly engaging and intimate experience.

Such wonderful portrayal of human emotions and wonderful percussion/accompanying music to amplify these feelings.

Amazing rendition of three generations. Imaginative and exciting. Could picture every story and moment.

This was a very moving piece – I have learnt a great deal about the connections between performance and storytelling and how the personal stories can be the most compelling.

Powerful – insightful. The free-spiritedness of the characters inspired me to free my spirit from the thoughts imposed though out my week – it reminded me to just be.

That was the best piece of performance I have ever seen.

It was like a folk song. Which is beautiful to hear, rarely see shows which are so real.” - “Quality haunting journey, I feel special to be invited along.

Thank you for allowing me to see something in my life that I didn╩╝t see before.

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