The Bakery

We make dough, we talk, we rest, we ferment, we bake and break bread.

This is a day-long platform for communal dialogue, action and rest. A temporary bakery where everyone makes a loaf of their very own ancient grain sourdough bread.

Taking place within a particular community and focusing on a specific theme relevant to that context, the process offers a facilitated space to slow down, exchange and create alongside others.

The practice has evolved in response to the daily realities of living under advanced capitalism; rising inequality, increased isolation and the relentless push towards anxiety driven hyper-productivity. We are encouraged to produce and consume, but rarely to digest. The day-long baking dialogue is about finding that space; to digest ideas, experiences and bread.

TBOSI was developed by Leo Kay in 2017/18 at a.pass artists research institute. Since 2018 The Bakery of Slow Ideas - Baking Dialogues have taken place across Europe and the UK, including Theatre ann Zee Festival (Belgium), Ponderosa Arts Centre (Germany); Exfadda cultural hub (Italy) and across Derby for Derby Rises (UK).

In 2021 we are embarking on collaborations with Derby CAN, Cambridge Junction and Effeito Terra (Italy), where we’ll develop bakeries within a wide range of community contexts.

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