This is Good #11

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How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart, Rachael Clerke, 31st July - 24th August, Edinburgh Fringe

How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart
is a new performance currently being developed by Rachael Clerke. It has evolved out of her ongoing research project into Scottish national identity Oh my God - I'm Scottish too!! and is one of the winners of the 2014 Ideastap Underbelly Award, through which it is being supported with financial support, mentoring and advice. Performances include the 25th of July at Residence, Bristol before a full month at Edinburgh Festival hosted by the Underbelly.
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Check out this AMAZING trailer for the show! 

Journeys Beyond, July 4-5th, The Arcola Tent, London

A collaboration between Eclipse Theatre Company (Sizwe Banzi Is Dead, One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show) and students of WAC Arts.

Is there a life after death? A young woman is determined to find out. But will she return to this world or stay in the next? This breathtaking show is a dazzling display of storytelling using song, dance and physical theatre to examine the myths and legends of the afterlife – from Britain, Egypt, Mexico,Greece and the Caribbean. The show will be on at the Arcola this weekend before heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Out of Our Minds - A Short Film About Comparative Cognition, Kate Webbink, 21mins

Comparative cognition is a relatively new scientific field which addresses the mechanics of the brain from a cross-species perspective, asking how memory and intelligence function in different animals. In Out of Our Minds, Kate Webbink, of The Field Museum, goes on a science road trip, travelling from Montana to New York – with stops at major universities in between – to ask scientists about the challenges they face, the limitations of the field, and what exactly they’re trying to achieve. An entertaining and illucidating short film with obvious links to UB's Change My Mind project.

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