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start the year like a f**king clown

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Unfinished Business are running a clown workshop led by Stuart Bowden

Sunday 4th January, 1-7pm (in London old town)

In this day-long workshop for performers and non-performers, Stuart will share his performance practice and unique approach to clowning. Through playfulness, games structures and improvisation, this one off workshop offers a space for openness and experimentation.

" I like to work in a sanctuary for mistakes and laughter, a place for falling and flailing with joy, fertile ground for digging into a ridiculously inescapable hole where nothing exists except your ability to keep optimistically digging, smiling and wondering what is next." [Stuart Bowden]

Stuart Bowden is an award-winning storyteller and clown, who creates and tours solo shows throughout the UK, Australia, Norway and beyond; recent hits includes She was probably not a Robot and Before Us. He is currently collaborating with Leo (UB Artistic Director) on the redevelopment of his celebrated show Mr Sole Abode, alongside writer/composer; Daniel Marcus Clark.

Don't expect red noses. Do expect people to be acting like f**king clowns...

Apiary Studios: 458 hackney road, London E2 9EG
£40/£25 conc.
Sunday 4th January, 1 - 7pm

For more information & booking email:

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