Sunday Session #1

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Change My Mind: Sunday Session # 1
3pm, 11th May
Praxis Studio, Stoke Newington, London

Are you tired? In need of spiritual replenishment after a weekend of too much fun? Well, come join us for the first installment of our Sunday Sessions; a bi-monthly programme of talks and performances themed around change, the mind and the self, supporting UB's latest project, Change My Mind.

For our first session Leo will introduce the project with some video material and a short talk. Following him, Phd student Nick Hayes will present his paper 'What is a Self?'; an easy-on-the-brain look at how philosophers tackle the questions of selfhood and the mind-body problem. Sandwiched between the two, UB's very own Kunal Modi will bring the melody with his new electronic audio-visual project Swoon.

So put on your Sunday best and join us as together we explore the meaning of change.

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