It's Like He's Knocking


2009 - 2015


Set in the intimacy of a bed-sit, It's Like He's Knocking incorporates intimate storytelling, dance-theatre and Afro-Brazilian percussion.

Exploring ancestry, ritual, migration, mourning and coincidence, Leo weaves an enthralling and hard-hitting narrative, connecting fragments from the lives of three generations of men in his family.

Bet on some cards, drink a toast to loved ones and close your eyes and remember your past; as Leo’s story unfolds, so in turn does your own.

Following the death of his father Leo created It’s Like He’s Knocking in recognition of the difficult relationship western culture has with death and mourning. The performance is an attempt to both mourn his passing and celebrate what he left behind.

The original performance – designed for a small bed-sit space for an audience of 10-15 people – toured across the UK and a couple of shows in Europe between 2010-2015

The show was developed with support from South Street Arts Centre, Redbridge Drama Centre and Arts Council England.

Creative Team

Creation and Performance 
Leo Kay
Musical Composition
Pedro Lima De Oliveira (from an original composition by Mestre Messias)
Musical Participation 
Mestre Carlão (Carlo Alexandre Teixeira) / Pedro Lima De Oliveira
Accordion Arrangement
Martina Schwarz
Phil MacKenzie
Script Consultant 
Polar Bear

"A fascinating, intimate and brilliantly transparent mix of world music, dance-theatre and storytelling."

[ John-Paul Holden, The List **** ]
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