Liason: Come With Me



A children's party in the mezzanine, a close-up magician in a hallway, a barbers shop in the dressing room, a mystic with an oil drum fire in the yard…

Liaison: Come With Me integrates intimate storytelling, charged lyricism and touching humanity to reflect the journey of growing up and coming to terms with the possibilities of our existence.

In 2008, Leo was invited to work with the emerging artist collective NEW ZOO (aged 18-to-25) at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham to create an original performance. Renowned poet and writer Polarbear worked alongside Leo, as the group devised a series of evocative and challenging pieces, leading the audience through the underbelly of the BGAC building to spaces in which interactive performance and surreal and unusual encounters combined to create an exhilarating theatrical experience.

Creative Team

Devised by
New Zoo
Directed by
Leo Kay
Diane Morgan and Amelia Adeh (Bernie Grant Arts Centre)

"Leo is a very heartfelt person and passionate educator. Skilled and very well versed in his art, excellently equipped with a close, organic feel to his individual and group facilitation of our performance pieces." 

[ Jiten Patel, Participant in 2008, Co-Manager of Voice of Young People, 2013 ]
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