Plunge your hands into sourdough and listen to the bacterial, interspecies communication which is occurring continuously - on us, in us and all around us.

MUSH invites you to connect with nature and experience the alchemical transformation within fermentation.
MUSH is a sensorial, deep listening experience.

In pairs, participants stand opposite one another, on either side of a large trough filled with sourdough leaven. Both wear a set of headphones listening to a pre-recorded audio experience, inviting them to journey into their partner’s body, to consider the experience of being one of 40 trillion microorganism within their partners’ microbiome. The recording invites the participants to submerge their hands in the sourdough, instigating a process of sensitised physical communication.

MUSH has been presented at Performatik 2019 Festival curated by Kaai Theatre, (KANAL Centre Pompidou, Brussels) and Tanzkongress 2019, directed by Meg Stuart of Damaged Goods (Hellerau, Dresden).

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