The Bakery Of Slow Ideas


The Bakery of Slow Ideas (TBOSI) is a participatory art practice and a temporary bakery, which places dialogue, ritual and collective action at its centre. Working with the alchemy of fermentation, TBOSI is a platform for dialogue. It’s a space for slowing down, where we can resist the cultural conditioning towards hyper-productivity and reclaim our right to rest and digest.

The Bakery Of Slow Ideas is an umbrella practice under which several different projects take shelter, these include:

The Bakery
A day long baking, ritual and dialogue practice often taking place within an identified community where a specific theme is chosen for the process. We make dough, we talk, we rest, we ferment, we bake and break bread together.
We've been hosting bakeries across Europe and the UK since 2018, with recent interations happening in Derby, Cambridge and Cumbria. 
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Sauerkraut Spell Making Sessions
A workshop and ritual practice that does exactly what it says in the title; combining the act of fermenting vegetables to make Sauerkraut, with the focusing of our intentions to make a spell. A fun, moving and profoundly affective practice, it celebrates the reclamation of often traditionally 'feminie' DIY acts of self care, nourishment and empowerment.
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MUSH: A Haptic Dough Installation
A 5 metre trough of Sourdough ‘mother’ stands in the centre of the room. Pairs of individuals are invited to stand on either side of the trough, listening to a guided journey into the microbiome of their partner as they plunge their hands into trillions of microorganisms. This installation poses questions surrounding deep listening, interspecies communication and what it actually means to be human.
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Men Baking Bread
Men Baking Bread is an opportunity for self-defining men to bake and dialogue together about the they benefit from it and how they can help to dismantle it. Our initial phase of research and development is underway, including one-one baking dialogues with self-defining non-men.
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Creative Team

Conceived and created by Leo Kay
Creative and production collaborator - Anna Smith

Current collaborators: 
Ludger Storcks (Photogrpaher)
Joy Mariama Smith (Artist, Activist, Pedagog) 

Commisioning support has come from Derby Creative Arts Network (CAN), which is funded by Arts Council England, Cambridge Junction, Rosehill Theatre and Podarosa Arts Centre (Germany). 

The act of creating a spell and the physicality involved in chopping, massaging, spicing up the cabbage brought a beautiful and embodied committment to my spell.... also now waiting for it to ferment is bringing forward the importance of time, how time is needed for things to evolve, to change, but the intention and the selection of ingredients need to be there! I am totally inspired!

[ Cinzia Schincariol - artist / participant ]
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