Unfinished Business # 1/2/3



The Unfinished Business Trilogy is a series of short investigations into audience-performer interaction, looking closely at personal responsibility and transformation.

Leo developed the shows between 2010-2012, performing them at various venues and festivals including Live Art Speed Date (STK), Scratch Interact at Soho Theatre, Forest Fringe Takeover at BAC, Factoría de Fuegos in Vitoria, Spain and via Skype to the Tokyo Connected Festival.

Unfinished Business - (L'espirit de L'escalier?)
Ever had an argument where you thought, ‘If I just had more time to prepare my attack or defence, I could have bloody won that.’ In this short piece, Leo has devised a one-to-one experience where you get to do just that.

Unfinished Business # 2 - Forbidden Fruit
An elicit affair played out on Skype, with a dramatic and fatal climax. (A collaboration with Pattern Fight)

Unfinished Business # 3 - Can I Give You This?
Inspired by the desire to learn how to let go and The Gift Manifesto by Andy Fields. In this short piece, after a sensorial interaction, the interloper is presented with a gift from Leo's personal possessions, chosen especially for them.

All performances were created and performed by Leo Kay.

"Leo managed to gain the trust of and to care tenderly for his audience whilst evoking/provoking powerful emotional responses from them. Brilliantly devised, Leo’s piece was a tender, explosive and exhilarating work. Everything a live art speed-date should be."

[ Gary Campbell, Stoke Newington International Airport ]
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